Account access, previous purchases and product updates

You should get your Addons right away as an emailed download link (check your junk folder if not!)

You can also "save to Dropbox" so we'd recommend doing that right away so you will have a copy of the base file you purchased, forever. And you get 90 days to re-download your purchase at anytime.


To receive updates, just use Sparkle or Waterfall within RapidWeaver to receive the updates. 

Keep track of what has been updated here.

Previous Purchases

For previous purchases within the last 90 days, or if you have lost the original download, use the "download link" function in your receipt for up to 90 days after your purchase.

File Backups

Please backup your files on an external Hard Disk (or a service like Dropbox) in case your computer fails and you need to re-install. 

We can only re-supply files to Bundle users who have a dashboard with all the files to download again at anytime.

Account Dashboard Access

For complete account access, to download anytime 24/7, to go beyond your 90 days download length, and to have more comprehensive backup of files, please  upgrade to the "Bundle" account.

We've most likely already created you an account and sent login access. If you are missing them please reset via the login forget password here or email us and we'll send you an account activation reset email.


As mentioned above, we now have a Yuzoolthemes Bundle service. We can't recommend this enough.

Apart from every item we've ever made and all new items released, you also get a dashboard with all items easy to download and manage, access to exclusive addons and apps and are also eligible to FREE priority email support.

We release new items every month and you can expect new items and support over a 12 month period.

So what are you waiting for, get the bundle today and build your web design business or site on RapidWeaver and Yuzoolthemes!

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