Getting started with creating forms with Just Forms

A simple note on how to create your first form and embed in RapidWeaver.

Login and "+ create form"

Drag and drop the fields you need for the form onto your form builder canvas

After you're happy with your form contents, go back to the "forms" page and set the action to "publish & share" for the form you want to embed in your RapidWeaver project

Paste the embed code into any RapidWeaver HTML Stack, Styled text page and publish. You can choose between styled forms (with a design) or non-styled (without). This design can be set in "themes" section from the top menu.

Happy multi-page forming in RapidWeaver!

Using the Just Forms Stack

You can also now embed your form into RapidWeaver using the Just Forms Stack. Download the Stack from your Yuzoolthemes Cloud dashboard and then when editing your form in Just Forms see the ID number of the form in the URL like this: Then just add this number to the Stack, set the form height and whether or not to include the theme you can style in Just Forms and preview:That's it! 

Happy forming in RapidWeaver!

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