How can I contact (email) you?

I want to get in touch (via email) about an issue I'm having, how do I do that?

1. Bundle Customers (PRIORITY)

Go to your dashboard and hit the"support" tab and email us directly from the Priority Support form. Or, if you'd prefer, message on Facebook. Michael or Stuart will get back to you as soon as we can.

2. Non-Bundle Members

Support questions by non-bundle members can be processed through our support email contact form on  here. We'll get to you as soon as we can but Bundle members queries are answered first.

Each purchase of our addons from the store includes six months of free support and lifetime product updates, including new content and bug-fixes. But to get ALL the cool things we make, priority email support and new addons every month, get our RapidWeaver Bundle.

3. Pre-sales questions

For pre-sales questions about our addons, get in touch via the contact form here also. 

4. Docs

And, remember, all docs and demos are here should you have misplaced your download and the addons are self-explanatory and well documented. There's also online demos and with Themes (and some Stacks) we also include RapidWeaver project files to see how it is all done.

All the best with your project! We're here to support you 🙏

Good luck and we want to help you get from A to B with RapidWeaver so please do get in touch or follow via one of these options!

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